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cleaner / protectant & lubricant

Introducing Cfp’s new LSB

(Lock stock and barrel)

CLEANER / Protectant And lubricant

High-performance guns need high-performance Cleaners, Lubricants, and protectants. We have the perfect solution for all three in one easy step.

  1. Action / Lock Cleaner and lubricant; cleans and lubricates and does not attract moisture or dust. And you don’t have to worry about it damaging your fine wood stocks or grips.

  2. Grip / Stock cleaner protectant; cleans, protects and rejuvenates fine wood stocks and grips, even synthetic materials.

  3. Slide / Barrel Cleaner protectant; cleans and protects, removes powder residue easily and protects against moisture and fingerprints and makes future cleaning much easier

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