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How to Select the Right 1911 style Grips:

Our standard grips will work without modification on most full size 1911's.  However, some pistols have options that require slight changes to the grips for a proper fit.

 Determining your 1911 Frame Size

The easiest way to determine the size of your 1911 frame is to measure the center to center distance of the grip screws.

  • If the center to center distance is approximately 3 1/16" you have a Government Model or Full Size 1911.

  • If the center to center distance is approximately 2 5/8" you have a Compact or Officers Model Size 1911.

  • If the center to center distance is approximately 2 3/8" you have a sub-compact like the Para Ordnance C6.

Do you need an Ambi Safety?   

  • select yes if you’re not sure.  Works with most models, Required for “Swenson” style safety where the lever goes under the right grip.

  • Select no if your 1911 only has the safety lever on the left side.

1911 Grip Thickness 

Our Standard Thickness grips measure about 0.260". Our Slim Thickness grips measure about 0.165". 

We use the convention of listing grips as Standard or Slim based on the above thicknesses for all the 1911 style grips we sell. Nearly all Para C6 guns and most Springfield EMP guns come from the factory with Slim grips with some exceptions, however, we build grips in either thickness for these guns.

the easy way to tell if you have Standard or Slim Grips on your 1911

 besides measuring is to compare the height of the grips to the height of the plunger tube between the slide release and thumb safety on the left side of the gun. The standard height of the plunger tube is 0.16" tall. So if the grips are close to the same height as the tube, you have slim grips. If the grips are higher than the tube by more than 1/16", then the grips are Standard Thickness.

 grip screws

In most cases,  But there are exceptions.

Most 1911s - 1911s from Kimber, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Les Baer, STI, Ed Brown, Wilson Combat, Nighthawk Custom, Springfield Armory, Colt, Rock Island Armory, Metro Arms, Citadel, and nearly all other custom 1911s with standard thickness grips can use the factory screws. Some models from these manufacturers will have slim grips and you will need to change to standard bushings and screws to go to Standard Thickness Grips. Alternately, Slim Thickness Grips can be installed by changing to Slim Grip Screws and Bushings.

Taurus PT-1911 Grips 

Taurus is a different animal ( excuse the analogy ) they use a larger diameter head grip screw of 8mm or .315", however, We build all Taurus grips to use the factory screws and We can build them with standard counterbores for  9/32" or .275 diameter 1911 screws on request. Slim Grips can also be installed on the Taurus with a change to  Slim Grip Screws and Bushings. they are manufactured with a standard 1911 diameter counterbore.


 the factory screws can be used on Standard Thickness Grips but the threads on the bushings are not standard 1911 so you CANNOT install Slim Grip Screw Bushings. 

GSG, Colt, Walther 1911-.22 

Standard Thickness 1911 Grips fit the imported .22 LR 1911s with the factory grip screw. however, These guns have a non-standard thread on the bushings so you CANNOT install Slim 1911 Grip Bushings on the gun for use with Slim Grips. Also, please note that these guns also need a special Ambidextrous Safety Cut because the retention lever sits lower on the gun and is slightly thicker.

 The Colt New Agent

 have Slim Grips from the factory but uses a screw with a larger head. The screw needs to be replaced to use our Slim Grips on this gun.

butt style

  • Government Style Butt - this is the original design as found on all Government style 1911's

  • proprietary bevel butt this is not to be confused with a bobtail butt such as Ed Brown and others like that. This is our proprietary design. And is what most people need and it is shown in most of our pictures.  It is basically a redesign of the government style. It is a straight bevel cut instead of the typical half moon notch cut around the Main Spring Housing (MSH) pin. We find that it is more attractive and also more functional because it eliminates a snag point. 

  • Square Butt - this is found on most 1911's with a Magwell installed, however, it can be put on any 1911 with a standard butt profile 

  • Round-Butt - this is found on models such as Kimber Super Carry Pro.

  • Bobtail - these are found on Models such as Ed Brown and others like that.

   Government​           butt
  proprietary bevel butt
   Square         Butt
   Round        Butt
  Bobtail       butt
ambi - safety
( right side )
Thumb Recess
low cut safety
( left or right side )
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