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Hand Fitted Custom Revolver Grips

hand-fitted custom revolver

Note:  On Hand Fitted Custom Revolver Grips you can choose from a wide range of domestic and exotic woods, Dymondwood and Micarta material. Each grip is serial-numbered to your gun only. This process takes time and requires that I have your handgun in our shop, Gun Country. The finished custom revolver grips will be beautiful to look at and hold and will make your favorite handgun a treasure. Let's discuss your set of custom handgun grips.                                                                                    
Things to consider when planning your project
Having a beautiful set of custom handgun grips made is a fine way to show off and enjoy your favorite handgun even more. Since this set of grips will be made specifically for you the more you share about what you want, like and dislike the better. 
Questions to keep in mind when requesting a quote
1) Material
2) Is the basic feel of the factory grip good or should they be thinner / thicker?
3) On a single action, how do you want the grip to meet the receiver? Flush (same level), or raised with a bevel?
4) Is it for it for everyday carry and use, or will it spend more time indoors on display?
Factory made grips are often times too bulky or feel uncomfortable for many shooters to handle safely. We believe that proper grip fitting of a handgun is sometimes taken for granted by shooters. We offer the chance of a look and feel that is comfortable for you the shooter with the ability to customize your grips to your personal taste and fitting.
shipping your firearm
I am an FFL holder, under Gun Country LLC, you can ship your handgun directly to me. If you are NOT an FFL holder you have two options for direct shipping: 1) UPS next day or 2) FedEx for next day delivery (FedEx may allow you to ship an incomplete and non-functioning firearm via 2nd day or ground, but you must verify this at your local FedEx office. 
If you have an FFL holder in your area that will ship for you, Priority Mail via USPS is another option. It usually costs less but USPS regulations only allow this from one FFL holder to another FFL holder.
What we will need
1) A quote request submitted
2) THe gun (Follow "shipping your firearm" instructions above)
3) an original Tracing of your grip shooting hand sent with gun 
Hand-Fitted Custom Revolver Grip Order/Inquiry Form
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