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PARA ordnance C6

These grips are built for the Para-Ordnance PDA, Carry (.45 ACP), Carry 9, Elite Carry, and Slim Hawg Models. We have models to fit the PDA 9mm or .45 ACP versions. They are slim grips at about 5/32" thick, maintaining the original slim profile of the gun. PDA grips are cut for ambidextrous safety.

We now have Para subcompact grips in a thicker "standard 1911 thickness" grip available as a model option on our 1911 grips. These standard thickness grips will be thicker than the factory grips and require the replacement of the grips screws with standard 1911 grip screws. Screws are available in our 1911 Parts section.

These Grips do NOT fit the Para Expert Carry 1911. The Expert Carry 1911 has a full size 1911 frame. These grips are smaller than compact 1911 grips and will not fit!

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