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Our story


My name is Joseph Greer. I am a Native Texan, of Houston to be exact, and lifelong avid sportsman. My first gun, as I’m sure for many of you, was a Daisy Red Rider BB Gun. After proving my marksmanship skills and safe firearm handling to my father (and mother) I moved onto a 22 LR Lever Action Repeater. After that, I was hooked. (And the squirrel population dropped dramatically).Firearms became my hobby and my passion. Growing up in the best place ever The Woodlands Texas I had many great life lessons and friends to learn from. After high school as a young man, I moved to Fort Worth Texas to sow my wild oats. where I did everything from working as a ranch hand ( Good Times) to working as a roofers helper (not good times) and finally fell into the Machine shop, where I served as an apprentice for two years (Yes, I'm a real machinist, that's how they did it back then) So as time moved on, naturally for a career, I became a machinist and studied both manual and CNC machines where I also learned programming CNC’s, blueprint reading, and interpretation even some valuable engineering skills as well, becoming familiar with the production manufacturing environment, I moved up through the ranks fairly quickly, even learned how to run a shop as leadman and a foreman. As a machinist, I learned to appreciate the intricacies of how Mechanical things were designed and built, and mainly how firearms were built. This led me to another passion gunsmithing. So, after going for my degree in gunsmithing from The American Gunsmithing Institute in 2002, I created my first of many to follow entrepreneurial ventures, Gun Country LLC which by the way is still our parent company and the holder of our FFL,  like a parent it taught me many valuable lessons about life and business, my necessary points of reference were now established. so to top it off in 2016 I put all these together and decided I was going to start making custom firearm products. So naturally, I called this entrepreneurial venture CUSTOM FIREARM PRODUCTS. putting my skills as a hobbyist woodworker to good use as well, I personally must say this is a perfect combination for creating our products and delivering exceptional customer service.


Our Products

They are manufactured with a combination of modern computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, hand craftsmanship and then hand finished to produce products with exceptional fit, finish and quality. This means our products look and perform flawlessly. We are best known for our aftermarket and custom line of grips, ( CFP Grips ), Using CNC routers allow us to accurately cut the holes, shape and contour our products to a few thousands of an inch tolerance. After they are precisely cut with our CNC machines each product goes through our hand finishing process and sealed which brings out the amazing depth of color and shifting grain hues in these select woods!  Not only are they beautiful, but functional as like everything else we make. We take exceptional pride in the quality of our work and it shows in our products. No products leave our facility without a full inspection for fit, finish, and functionality.  But we aren't just all about exotic wood grips, we also use other materials, and manufacture other products associated with firearms. Add in our exceptional customer service and our slogan “Where Custom Means Perfection” our products are the most attractive products available. We are committed to our customers and our firearm heritage.


Our Mission Statement

CFP was founded with one goal in mind to provide a full range of high-quality custom firearm products with satisfaction guaranteed. Quality is paramount to CFP and we refuse to sacrifice quality in order to produce more or sell more. We refuse to offer anything less than our absolute best to our customers. CFP is committed to building a long-term relationship with our customers. We are grateful for all the support we receive as well as the growth opportunities that come our way. Our company has a reputation for providing exemplary customer satisfaction. The professionals from CFP will deliver the best quality products and designs to all our customers. They’re dependable, reliable, honest and are committed to our customers and our firearm heritage. Contact us today for a free quote or estimate and see the difference experience makes. Thank you for your business and we hope to work with all of you soon.


Satisfaction is Guaranteed!**

We will refund the purchase price of any unaltered CFP products purchased within 30 days with proof of purchase.


*Refund offer does not include shipping, handling or any modifications

You do not get the option to be so specific when you buy something from a store, it just is what it is. At Custom Firearm Products you have options.

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