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Springfield EMP 4" CCC - SLIM - Walnut - LCT - Grips
  • Springfield EMP 4" CCC - SLIM - Walnut - LCT - Grips


    Pistol Grips

    Fits: Springfield Armory EMP™ (Enhanced Micro Pistol) 4" CCC, 9MM

    These grips are built to fit the bob cut frame of the Springfield Armory EMP Concealed Carry Contour 4" barrel guns.


    Factory grips on the EMP may be either slim or standard thickness depending on the model. Most of the G10 grips are standard thickness while the wood grips are generally slim. If you are changing from slim to the standard thickness you should consider changing the bushings and screws for best fit with these grips.


    Grip Thickness: Slim

    LCT = Lady Carry Texture

    This listing is for One set of grips, firearm is NOT included.


    Material: Walnut

    Color/Appearnce: Dark brown with lighter streaks

    Checkering/Surface: Lady Carry Texture is one our least agressive textures and shows off the beautiful wood grain and will not snag on clothing or rub you raw at contact points



    Make sure the screw holes line up with each other once the grip is placed on the pistol.

    Make sure to not over tighten the screw. Grip Screws create a wedge effect and will crack a grip.

    Check out the products we have listed in our store, which are aftermarket grips and accessories. However, if you don't see what your wanting remember WE ARE "CUSTOM FIREARM PRODUCTS".  We will customize or redesign any existing products to your liking. We have several designs to choose from. Fill out our special / custom grip order form online or email us at

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