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Kimber Micro 9 - Pecan - Texas 1836 Star Grips
  • Kimber Micro 9 - Pecan - Texas 1836 Star Grips


    Kimber Micro 9 - Pecan - Texas 1836 Star Grips

    Texan Series

    Fits: These grips fit Kimber Micro 9 Series and are manufactured with an ambi-safety standard If you would like some built without an ambi-safety please contact us directly.

    Note: If you are replacing the Kimber laser grips with our grips, the top bushing on the right side of the frame needs to be moved from the lower hole in the frame to the higher hole. If you are not comfortable making this change, we recommend having the work done by a competent gunsmith.

    *DOES NOT fit Kimber Micro .380 

    The ambidextrous safety model grip can be used on single safety gun. You will commonly see factory single safety Kimber guns with ambidextrous safety grips from the factory.


    This listing is for One set of grips, firearm is NOT included.

    Please review our shipping page for estimated delivery times.

    SKU: KM9-AS-204-T1836S

    Material: Pecan

    Color/Appearnce: Blonde with dark streaks.

    Checkering/Surface: Texas 1836 Star

    Ambidextrous Safety


    Each grip is hand finished after they are precisely cut with our CNC machines. Our thorough hand finishing process seals the grips and brings out the amazing depth of color and shifting grain hues in these select woods! Not only are they beautiful, but functional as like everything else we make. 

    Each set is truly a one of a kind. Therefore, each grip set will show its own unique characteristics & color, so no two sets are the same. However, we take great care in matching the grips and we use nothing but top grade woods.


    If you do not find what you are looking for or if you are interested in having a custom design done for you. Such as an engraving or inlay, fill out our custom quote/order form.

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